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Frequently Used Terms

F3 has its own language that can be confusing to new PAX.  The terms below are some of the most frequently used.

PAX - A member of F3 Nation

AO - Area of Operation (location of your BD)

FNG - Friendly New Guy

BD - Beatdown (aka. Workout)

OYO - On Your Own (complete given reps by yourself at your won pace)

COT - Circle of Trust

YHC - Your Humble Contributor (referring to yourself)

BB - Backblast (post in Band with details of the BD)

Mumble Chatter - Talking incessantly during the Workout to Inspire the Q, encourage the other PAX and/or connect with FNGs.

COR - Count-o-rama (counting of PAX at BD)

NOR - Name-o-rama (video capturing PAX name, age, F3 name)

QIC - Q-in-Charge (PAX leading the BD)

TTT - Thirsty Third Thursdays (Happy Hours)

OTB - Off-the-Books (relates to unofficial AO's that plan to launch in the future) 

CSAUP - Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless (usually related to an event)

Mosey - Jogging

IC - In Cadence

CC - Civilian Cadence

Link to the F3 Lexicon (Terms):

Link to the F3 Exicon (names of exercises):

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